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Share every photo from your phone to your Alo instantly – from anywhere in the world. Alo is the perfect way to get those special photos off your phone and into the home. 
✅ No app required
✅ Easy to set up
✅ Thoughtful design

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Super easy to use

Alo is the perfect way to get those special photos off your phone and into the home. For those who aren’t tech-savvy, Alo can be a life-changing way to stay connected without using a smartphone.

  • Plug in and connect to Wi-Fi.

  • Save your Alo email address in your contact list and share it with your loved ones.

  • Send photos to the frame by email and they will appear instantly!

  • Every time you're sending a new photo, the heart will start spinning.

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We've elevated the digital picture frame to a new level of fun and emotional engagement

Sharing special moments with loved ones is like giving them a big hug! It could be a funny picture of you and your friends, an awesome snapshot from your vacation, or a happy memory from the past.

If you're not a big fan of phones, using Alo is a cool way to stay connected with family. But even if you love tech stuff, there's something super cool about seeing your favorite photos at home every day.

"I never thought a little box could bring so much joy! I can share my favorite memories with my family, even though we're far apart. It's like sending them a piece of my heart every day."

★★★★★ - Jake S.

Quick one-minute setup

Plug in and connect to WiFi.

Email photos to your Alo in seconds.

Everyone in the family can send photos via email, and they arrive in seconds.

New photo alerts

Every time a new photo is added to Alo, the heart spins.

Unveil Memories with Every Open

Each time you lift the lid of your Alo, a continuous slideshow of your favorite photos begins, updating every five seconds.

The heart lets you say thank you

Your loved one can tell you they loved a photo just by spinning the Heart.

  • 250,000+ products sold worldwide

  • Free Shipping over $100+ orders in USA & Free Returns

  • 30-Days Money-Back Guarantee

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How can I offer a Alo to someone who lives far away?

There is no limit distance between the sender and the Alo. It does not matter how far you are from it, you will still be able to send messages. If you want to offer the Lovebox to a loved one you can:
- Get it shipped directly to them
- Get it shipped to you. You can setup the Alo with your WiFi connection and send a message on it. Don’t open the lid! Then ship the Lovebox to your loved one. When they will have set it up with their WiFi, they will receive the message you sent before.

Do I need a internet connection for the Alo to work?

Yes! WiFi provides Alo with the internet connection necessary to send and receive love notes in real time.

If you live in a place where WiFi goes through a connection portal or if you want to connect the Alo to a shared network (in a company or a retirement home for example), we have a solution right here. But the Alo can't connect to a 5GHz WiFi.

Who can I gift a Alo to?

You can gift the Alo to anyone you love: your children, your other half, your best friend, your parents, and your grandparents so they can receive photos from all of their grandchildren. The Alo is easy to use and allows everyone to stay connected to those they love!

What can I send to my Alo?


On the Alo, you can send photos via email.

Need more help? Visit our help center.