How does it work?

Send your message via our mobile App

Press send!

Send your messages via our free mobile app, from anywhere, at any time!

Receive a message on your Lovebox!

And its heart spins, spins, spins

Once the Lovebox receives a message its heart spins to let your loved one know that they have received a love note.

Open the lid!

Your message is in the box

The Lovebox is built from French beech wood, harvested with love.

Read your message!

The message magically appears on the screen

Now they just need to open the lid and read your message on the Lovebox screen.

Want to send some love back?

Manually spin the heart

Make the heart of your Lovebox spin to notify your sender that you read the message. It will send back a waterfall of heart that appears on your sender’s screen.

What is Lovebox?

10.000 units delivered since we started

We deliver in Europe and in the United States

We are so proud to have shipped thousands of Loveboxes since we launched. The product is available in Europe and in the US.

"Lovebox Spinning Heart Messenger: the app-connected box that puts a modern twist on the classic love note." -Mashable