Lovebox Black & White
Lovebox Black & White
Lovebox Black & White
Lovebox Black & White
Lovebox Black & White
Lovebox Black & White
Lovebox Black & White
Lovebox Black & White
Lovebox Black & White
Lovebox Black & White
Lovebox Black & White
Lovebox Black & White
Lovebox Black & White

Lovebox Black & White


The original B&W Lovebox, 85K+ units sold since 2017!

Lovebox is a connected, messaging device that pairs with an app to go beyond regular communication and deliver special expressions of affection. With the Lovebox B&W, add a retro touch in the way you communicate! With this Lovebox, you can exchange messages, stickers, or drawings in black and white. 

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Tech Specs

Material: Wood (box), ABS (heart)

Screen: Black & White OLED, 128 x 64 resolution

Connectivity: WiFi 2.4Ghz

Dimensions: 3.5x3.5x3.1in

Weight : 1.54lb

Included with your Lovebox Black & White

Red pixel heart

1 USB Power cable and 1 US plug

Access to the mobile app (iOS and Android)

Lots of love

Rest assured

  • 100% secured payment

  • 2-year warranty

  • Our lovely customer service is available at anytime.
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User reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Cant search for specific gifs and stickers

I really enjoy sending messages on the lovebox. However, I wish I could search specific gifs and stickers so I can find something related to what I want to send on my phone. Please add that and I'll give 5 stars.

Great gift for a Loved one

My Girlfriend loves it. The addition of stickers and drawings makes it more fun

Being able to engrave it added a personal touch.

My friend who I gifted

My friend who I gifted it to loves it.

Better than 5 stars

I've been putting off writing this review for 5 months now - not because I don't find this modern-day love note messenger absolutely wonderful, but because life keeps getting in the way! And isn't that exactly why the LoveBox is so genius? How many times do you think about someone special but don't have or take the time to give them a call? Or they're too far away to visit? LoveBox is the perfect way to let them know that you have them on your mind, that you love them, and that they are incredibly important to you, despite how long it's been since you've really caught up.

I purchased my LoveBox around Christmas time and my credit card was having some issues going through, so I contacted the support team for some help. I was put in touch with Jean who was the kindest and most accommodating service provider one could ever ask for, especially around that crazy busy season. My LoveBox purchase wasn't going to make it to my grandmother by Christmas due to the mix up with payment (card issue, not company), and Jean made sure that this wasn't the case. He made sure that the LoveBox was delivered to my grandmother from Europe to Florida on time for Christmas. What a beautiful thing to have my grandmother know that while all of her kids and grandkids would now be able to connect with her on a regular basis.

I have 10 cousins who have the LoveBox app and frequently send love notes. My 3 sisters are also connected on the app. My grandma figured out that if she spins the pixel heart herself, it lets everyone with the app know that she is sending a "rain of hearts" to us. My grandma will often tell me about some of the things my cousins send, especially the younger ones who are too uncomfortable still to talk on the phone at length with her. We communicate all sorts of things to her using the LoveBox - memories, jokes, check-ins, well-wishes, etc. This is by far one of the most rewarding purchases I have ever made. I know that I will be back for more as my friends and family continue to grow up and move out. What a wonderful gift it is to be able to say "Thinking of you! I hope your cough has gone away! Drink lots of water!" to someone who is not able to text or email too well. Even better is to send one of the present drawings. My favorite is the llama with hearts.... Check it out. You'll love it and you'll be glad you bought it. So will your recipient.

Love my Lovebox

Was looking for a unique gift for my wife for Mothers Day - this was perfect. The only knock is that it seems pretty analog, which has a charm, but come on, we live in the world of technology!


I gave this to my boyfriend for Valentine’s Day and he loves it! It would be more enjoyable if we can send pictures and if there was more fun things that we can send. I still think it is a great present and so glad I purchased this!!:+1:

Lots of Love but could be improved.

My wife loves her Lovebox. We enjoy sending her loving messages. There is, however, one problem , and I have one suggestion. The problem is that the heart movement is inconsistent. Sometimes it moves wildly, but there are other times it doesn't move at all. And my suggestion is to create a color-screen version. I find it slightly disappointing to send colorful hearts, etc. and have them appear in the Lovebox in black and white. Obviously this would be a more costly option, but nice to have it. Otherwise, the Lovebox is fun...and loving!

Great little Box

I got this for my wife and daughter and they love it since I am out of the house for work before they wake up it allows us to send little love notes to each other

Very Cute

My husband loves it. I keep writing little love notes. Can’t wait for updates on the app, would like to make my own animated gifs.

Lovebox is Amazing

This little box of wood and electronics has brought me and my girlfriend so much closer. Her world lights up when she gets a message and it puts a smile on her face all the time. This will save you from buying flowers all the time. All in all a great product. Very easy to use and keeps you close to those who are far. Thank you Lovebox team.