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"Lovebox made us feel closer"

Senior year of high school, I had to see my girlfriend in private because of her parents’ disapproval. I’ve identified as a transgender male since 2017, and their views did not align with ours when we broke the news we were in a relationship. (...) When her parents found out we were sneaking around, they sent her to stay with her family in the United Kingdom for months at a time in hopes that we would break up due to the distance. It was definitely challenging being apart for so long, but having a Lovebox made us feel closer. I would send her messages overseas every morning, day, and night to make sure she knew I was thinking of her.

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George & Alyssa

"It helped keep my love and appreciation toward her"

Purchased before I went to boot camp for the US Military. I scheduled messages for every day even a count down towards the end! Kept the relationship alive when I couldn’t be there.

My notes would give her something great to wake up to and motivated her to stay strong through a trivial moment in our relationships. We ended up getting married a year later.

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"It’s given my mother-in-law a sense of peace"

I purchased the Lovebox for my adopted little brother-in-law, who just turned 18. Jack moved into a group home that could better meet his needs. Jack has intellectual and developmental disabilities caused by abuse he suffered as a baby. 

It was very difficult for the family to say goodbye to Jack. We wanted a way to stay in touch. He can’t have a phone or laptop. But the Lovebox gives us a way to send him messages and photos so he knows we’re thinking of him, even if we aren’t there. Jack is able to “talk” to us by spinning the heart and sending waterfalls of hearts. Jack is able to easily open the lid of the Lovebox, even though he can only use one arm. It’s given my mother-in-law a sense of peace because she can see the stream of pictures and messages the whole family sends.


"The Lovebox makes it so she can feel my love all day long"

My wife works 12 hr days and the Lovebox makes it so she can feel my love all day long. Easy to set up and lots of fun ways to let her know she is on my mind.

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