Lovebox uses technology for positive communication

The Lovebox has changed a lot since its creation!

We are working on the Lovebox design for two years. The first one was born in a FabLab (a place where you can find lots of crazy machines and here you can make quite everything), the second version of the Lovebox was made for our 50 lover testers. Finally, our latest Lovebox was designed by Xavier Houy. We are very happy to spread love in your home with the Lovebox!

4000+ Loveboxes have been manufactured and delivered for Christmas 2018

You have been thousands supporting us on Kickstarter in October 2017 and we are so proud to have shipped all your Loveboxes a few weeks later for Christmas 2017. Today, thousands of positive messages are exchanged every day on our positive communication network bringing happiness to your friends and family!

Loveboxes for teams and hotels: a pilot is beginning on March 2018

You have been so many to contact us to use Lovebox in the context of team communication, to bring a little totem in the workplace for positive news and gratitude messages.

So many of you contacted us to place Loveboxes in hotel rooms and send positive messages to the client throughout their stay.

We are very happy to announce a pilot test starting in March 2017, please apply by email at