Lovebox uses technology to service positive communication.

At Lovebox, we develop positive communication tools that can be used to take care of the people you love. Lovebox was invented by Jean for his girlfriend and is now used by thousands of people: kids and their parents, lovers, friends, grandkids, and grandparents... even companies and hotels now use our invention to create more dopamine in their client's lives!



The tireless LoveWoman

Co-Founder Business


The Love Inventor

Co-founder Tech


The WebAddict

Community Manager


The Hippie Lover

Marketing Assistant


The Growth and love

Growth Manager


The Love Developer



The Javascript Lover

Developer intern


The Happiness Coder

Developer intern


The Love Woman

Communication Officer intern


It all started back in 2015 when Jean left for MIT in Boston to research robotics while his fiancee Melodie stayed in France. He wanted to find a way to send her his love regardless of the distance, that's when he created Lovebox. The first Lovebox was created in a FabLab, it's the pretty vintage looking box on the left side of the image. When Marie discovered the Lovebox, she immediately thought about all the different people that could use it to share some love and kindness. A couple of months later they both created the startup and thought of the many ways they could use their Lovenote box. After building 50 Loveboxes "Beta-Test" (the middle box you see in the image), we recruited our first clients: the lovetesters, who had applied by sending us love letter! Based on their feedback, we redesigned our product (with our wonderful designer Xavier Houy) and we built 500 Loveboxes for Christmas 2016. Since then, we delivered over 7000 Loveboxes in France, Europe, and the United States where thousands of messages are being exchanged every day all over the world!


Pilot phase starting in June 2018

If you believe Lovebox could become a work tool, we decided to launch a pilot phase in Hotels (for the happiness of your clients), sports teams (Lovebox was used to cheer up our French Athlete during the winter Olympics) and for the Chief Happiness Officers (to boost your positive communication in your work teams)! Write us at if you want to hear about it! if you want to participate!