Significant Other Going to College: How To Not Lose Touch

The excitement you felt when you found out your boyfriend got into their dream school can turn bittersweet when you realize they have to leave for college. Your mind may be swirling with feelings of sadness, fear, and uncertainty as you wonder how this change will affect your relationship. 

Despite these questions and feelings, you want to be supportive and reassuring as your boyfriend deals with their own emotions around this major life change. Your S.O. going to college is a life-changing step for you both, especially as you begin a long-distance relationship. 

Thankfully, modern technology has made it easier than ever to stay in touch when you’re miles apart. As you prepare for your S.O.’s big move, find the perfect college gift that can keep you connected and make him think of you whenever he gets lonely. 

Is It Possible To Not Lose Touch When Your Boyfriend Goes to College? 

The first question in your mind is probably whether it’s even possible to stay connected when your partner goes to college. Not only is it possible to not lose touch, but your long-distance relationship (LDR) may become even stronger than before they headed to school! 

Being in an LDR doesn’t mean your romance has to simmer down. On the contrary, most long-distance couples find that although they face unique challenges, they can be as close as ever if both partners commit to a healthy amount of communication and openness.

Suffice to say, taking steps not to lose touch is the cornerstone to staying connected when your boyfriend goes to college. Fortunately, there are many practical ways to make the distance feel a lot smaller. 

Our team at Lovebox has put together this list of the best college gifts for your boyfriend so you can stay connected in your LDR no matter how far away college may take them. We’ve found some thoughtful gift ideas for every budget to show your long-distance partner you’re thinking of them! 

The Best Gifts for Long-Distance Boyfriend in College

Ready to find the perfect college gift for your long-distance boyfriend so you don’t lose touch? Let’s get started! 

Healthy Snack Boxes

You may have heard an old saying about how the way to the heart is through the stomach. When shopping for your S.O., a thoughtful package of their favorite foods and snacks is a great way to show them how much you care. 

Between the complicated meal plans, busy schedules, and cramped dorm kitchens, your long-distance partner will be delighted to receive an assortment of their favorite snacks. Include bars, chips, oatmeal, and anything else non-perishable with extended expiration dates, so they don’t have to worry about freshness.

Personalize Matching Keychains

Your S.O. is sure to need a charming, personalized key chain for their new dorm key when they’re moving to a new dorm room or an apartment. You could even include cute couple pictures or an engraving to make it extra special! 

Matching keychains are a thoughtful and loving gift that will remind them of your love every time they pull out their keys. 

A keychain is a great practical gift option that expresses your love for each other. There are numerous options for personalizing your keychains, including a cute photo, your initials, or a sweet romantic text for them to read and remember their favorite person. 

Cozy Up With a Warm Blanket

Who doesn’t love coming back to their dorm to a soft, cozy blanket? A soft, warm blanket is a great gift to express your love while separated by physical distance. It’s something they can snuggle up to when they’d rather be cuddling with you. 

You could get a velvety smooth, warm blanket or even a weighted blanket to comfort them when they get lonely or tired. Choose a blanket in their favorite color and texture, and they’ll be sure to love it. There’s no better feeling than being wrapped in a loving gift. A blanket is a great way to feel emotionally connected and secure in your long-distance relationship.

Make a Framed Couple Picture

A picture frame with a sweet quote or your names is the perfect way to remind your long-distance partner that they are loved and missed. Your partner can keep this personalized framed photo of you both on their desk or nightstand, and it is an excellent way for them to see your face when it’s impossible to see each other every day. 

College dorms and apartments can sometimes get lonely or depressing, and having a sweet picture can help bring a smile to their face when things get tough. Every time they see it, they’ll have a thoughtful reminder of your love for each other! 

Start a Long-Distance Adventure Journal

A long-distance adventure journal is a super thoughtful and customizable idea for your significant other. 

You can keep memorabilia from your adventures and memories, cute couple photos, and love letters to each other to remember all the fantastic times the two of you have had together. Then, you can add a section to write about the new adventures you’re having apart and send the journal back and forth to stay connected! 

A fun way to always have something to look forward to is to include a planning section in your journal. This can be a place for future adventure ideas like fun places you’d like to visit, restaurants you’d like to eat at, or road trips you’d like to take together.

One of the best ways to stay connected is always having something planned with a set date and time. Planning helps both of you when it’s incredibly challenging being apart.

Write a few pages of hopes and memories, then send the journal back and forth until it’s filled with all your fun plans as a couple. It’s a fun way to prepare for the future that you’ll be able to look back on when you reunite.

Give the Gift of Time

Giving your time is one of the best ways to stay connected in a long-distance relationship. Just because you are far from each other physically doesn’t mean you can’t spend quality time together. Thanks to modern technology, you have an endless number of options when it comes to being together virtually. 

For example, start a new ritual together, such as enjoying a cup of coffee over FaceTime before your day begins. Or find time at night to chat about your day to relax before bed. If different time zones pose a challenge, find a time that works for you to spend time together and commit to your daily dates. 

Stream Their Favorite Movie

Surprise your partner by finding their favorite comfort movie or TV show and plan a virtual movie night. College can be stressful and challenging, and sometimes they may just need a night of comfort movies in their dorm with their favorite person (virtually, of course). 

Be sure to send some popcorn ahead of time in their care package so they’ll be ready for movie night! 

Play Virtual Games

Get ready to find out who’s the most competitive with a virtual game night! Stay connected with your long-distance partner while they’re at college by finding their favorite video games or virtual games you can play together. 

Playing games not only gives you something to do as a long-distance couple, but it also keeps you connected by having a mutual goal to work towards. 

Splurge on Their Favorite Foods

When you find your S.O. is having a particularly rough night, have their favorite meal delivered to their house. Maybe they’re pulling an all-nighter studying for their midterms, or perhaps they’re just feeling incredibly lonely or distant from you. 

Food delivery apps make sending their favorite meal from their favorite splurge restaurant easy. Make sure they are at home and tell them dinner is on you. If you’re unsure what to get them, ask what restaurants they like in the area a few weeks ahead of time, so you’ll be ready when they need it the most. Don’t forget dessert! 

Gift the Lovebox for Lovers

The most popular college gift for your boyfriend is the Lovebox for Lovers. Lovebox is a sweet, connected messaging device that’s perfect for sending one-of-a-kind love notes that express your love and affection! 

This is a super user-friendly take on the old-fashioned love note to keep you connected with your S.O., no matter where they go to college. With the free Lovebox app, it’s easy to create a heartfelt message for your long-distance partner.

You can send photos, postcards, personalized stickers, love notes, and drawings – be as creative as you’d like! When you’ve sent your love note, the heart on the box will spin, letting your S.O. know they have a new message from you. 

After they open your message, they can send back a waterfall of digital hearts cascading over your screen in return. The Lovebox for Lovers messaging system is perfect for any couple separated for college who wants to show unique expressions of affection.

Make a Surprise Visit

Ssshh, it’s a surprise! Unfortunately, it’s not always possible to visit your S.O. at college due to heavy workloads and busy schedules. Still, if you can coordinate a surprise visit, it will give them something to smile about for weeks to come! 

Even if you can’t surprise them, a planned visit would help you both stay connected and not lose touch through the long weeks and months of being physically separated by distance. 

The only perfect gift to give your long-distance boyfriend is the gift of you! Spending uninterrupted time together helps keep you emotionally connected and ensures your love will grow stronger every day. Any bit of hope and encouragement goes a long way and will help keep your memory alive in his heart long after you go back home. 


When your S.O. goes to college, it’s definitely possible not to lose touch. Staying connected with some of our best LDR gift ideas will help, such as a healthy snack box, personalized keychains, a warm blanket, or a framed couple photo. 

Still not sure what to get your college gift to give your boyfriend? The Lovebox for Lovers helps you express your affection again and again. Your love notes are sure to light up their day whenever they receive a new message from you. 

A long-distance college relationship has its own set of unique challenges; fortunately, with the perfect long-distance gifts for your partner, you can stay as close as ever. Don’t forget that the gift they want the most is you, so make sure you find uninterrupted time to spend together!

Don’t forget to save this article for future gift ideas! Happy gifting! 




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