Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

We have drafted our Privacy Policy to explain to you in a transparent manner how we use your personal data at Lovebox.

We are a French company, our registered offices are located at 16 Boulevard Maréchal Lyautey 38000 Grenoble, France.

If you do not find the answer to your questions, do not hesitate to contact us by email: 

1. What data is collected?

The use of Lovebox products and services results in the collection of data that directly or indirectly identifies you.

The data that directly identifies you can be your first or last name, your email, etc. We may also collect data that does not allow us to identify you instantly. This indirectly identifying data may be the last message sent on a Lovebox.

The protection of all this data is at the heart of our Privacy Policy and we are committed to applying an optimal level of security to it.

2. What’s at your disposal to keep control of your personal data?

You must always have the means to protect your privacy when using connected objects. At Lovebox, we believe that we must support you and best protect your privacy by guaranteeing you the following rights:Right to access your data

Your personal data is and must remain easily accessible. We also give you the opportunity to export your personal data in an open format so you can store and access it easily.

  • Right to rectify your data

At any time, you may rectify, complete, delete or update your personal data as a result of an active action on your part. This can be done by email

  • Right to object to the processing of your data

You may object, for legitimate reasons, to the processing of your personal data by contacting This action may affect your use of Lovebox products and services.

  • Right to protect your data

At Lovebox, we use different methods to secure your data. To access your data, you must have a password-protected account.

  • Right to forget: deletion of your account

At Lovebox, we give you the right to delete your personally identifiable information by deleting your account by contacting us at

3. When and which data is collected?

Lovebox objects and services collect data when you use them. In this way, you provide us with data:

When you visit and use our sites and services

When you create a Lovebox account

When you use our applications

When you activate and use a Lovebox product

When you contact our customer service department

We wanted to detail and explain these different cases so that you could be informed about the means of data collection.

  • When you visit and use our sites and services

When you use our site, or when you participate in our events or answer our questionnaires, we collect certain data. Some information is collected, even if you do not have a Lovebox account. This can happen when you view pages, participate in surveys, contests or events, write a comment on our site, share a page on a social network, order a product, etc.

When you order a product on our site, we must keep certain information about your order, such as your shipping or billing address, even if you choose the option to order without creating an account. However, we will never be able to know your bank details since payment transactions are made with our partners.

We also use cookies on our site.

We partner with Rakuten Advertising, who may collect personal information when you interact with our site. The collection and use of this information is subject to the privacy policy located here. In order to access, modify or delete your personal information collected by Rakuten, go here

In order to manage your browser's opt out for participating NAI members go here. To manage your browser's opt out for participating DDA members go here.  

  • When you create a Lovebox account

Creating a Lovebox account allows you to use Lovebox services and applications. You will then have to provide us with certain data to identify yourself. Your Lovebox account is the central element of our services. It allows you to interact with Loveboxes. Data is collected and used when creating an account and/or user profile, logging into your account, ordering a product from your account, adding a photograph, etc.

  • When you use our applications

The use of our applications requires the creation of an account. Through the applications, you will be able to use Lovebox products and services, interact with them and access all the features offered by Lovebox.

To do this, some data is provided to us when you download, install and use the application's features. This is the case when you send a message from a Lovebox.

  • When you activate and use a Lovebox product

Lovebox products store the last message received.

Data is transmitted to our servers when you synchronize your product with our applications or connect your product to your Wi-Fi network.

§  When you contact our customer service department

When you contact our customer service department, you provide us with information that allows us to identify you. The information transmitted remains confidential when you contact us through our website.

In order to respond to your support request, some of your data may be temporarily transferred to our teams until the problem is resolved. We ensure that our teams strictly comply with our privacy policy.

4. How is your data used?

§  To present your data and offer you innovative services

The data produced is presented to you through our applications.

§  To improve Lovebox products and services

In order to improve our products and services and guarantee the availability of our platform, we keep a brand - in the form of connection data (logs) - of the operations carried out, in accordance with Internet standards.

We never work with your data when it identifies you unless you have given your prior consent. This may be the case to solve a problem you have reported to us: When you contact our customer service.

§  To provide you with information

We may use certain data to provide you with surveys, contests, coupons or events in which you may participate. Also, by the same means, we will communicate information about our products such as new features, commercial offers from Lovebox or our partners, or to announce new products.

If you no longer wish to receive this information, simply contact us at

§  To perform statistics and/or analyses of aggregated and/or anonymized data

We undertake never to sell your personal data without your consent. At Lovebox, we believe that data can also serve the collective interest. We may carry out statistics and analyses using previously anonymized and/or aggregated data. This helps to protect your privacy.

§  To create personalized ads

5. When do you allow us to share your personal data?

You can share your personal data freely. However, it is imperative for us to obtain your prior consent when personally identifiable information is shared.

§  When we are required by law to do so

Certain laws, regulations, administrative decisions or court decisions may require us to disclose certain personal data to third parties. Unless we are prohibited from doing so, we will inform you as soon as possible if we need to transmit any of your data.

6. How long do we keep your personal data?

Unless the law requires us to do so for a specific period of time, we keep your personal data for a period of time that does not exceed the period necessary for the purposes for which they are collected and processed. Thus, we keep your personal data attached to your account until you delete it.

7. Where is your personal data stored?

To ensure the security of your data, it is stored and processed on Heroku's secure servers.

8. At what age can I use Lovebox products and services?

You must be over thirteen (13) years of age to create an account and use our products and services.

You should be aware that if you are a minor, your parents or legal guardians (hereinafter referred to as "Parents") must give us their consent by contacting our customer service department. Our teams will answer any questions you and your Parents may have about the use of our products and services as well as rules regarding the collection of personal data.

If we come into possession of data from persons under thirteen (13) years of age, or from a minor who has used our products and services without the consent of their Parents, we would be obliged to permanently delete the data from our servers when we are notified.

9. How do we protect your data?

Your data is mainly stored on Heroku secure servers equipped with state-of-the-art security equipment combined with advanced security techniques and procedures. Access is strictly restricted and requires various security controls, including security personnel, security gates, and biometric readers. Remote access to these servers is severely restricted and controlled.

10. How do I delete my Lovebox account?

We allow you to delete your user profile directly from our applications.

To delete your account, simply contact our customer service department at

The data that directly identifies you will then be deleted from our production servers. However, the data can be stored within the secure backups that we regularly perform. This is why your data may remain on our servers after your request.

In order to guarantee your free access to your data, we will give you the opportunity to store your data locally before deleting your account. We do this through a secure procedure.

11. Can the privacy policy change?

We may modify our privacy policy to adapt to your needs, to the evolution of the law or when we develop our products and services. We will inform you when these are changed.

12. Newsletter & SMS

We offer you various newsletter & sms services which include
  • Inspirational content such as updates on brands, trends, offers, sales, categories;
  • Reminders e.g. when an item on your wishlist is reduced in price, if items in your bag are forgotten or if you asked for a size reminder;


If you signed up for newsletters, you will receive some of the newsletter services as well as SMS as described above.

Unsubscribing If you no longer wish to receive emails or sms from us, you can unsubscribe at any time by using the unsubscribe link available in every newsletter or in every commercial message you receive from us. Feel free to contact to unsubscribe or in case you experience any difficulties.

Last modified: November 24, 2021.


Who can i gift a Lovebox to?

You can gift the Lovebox to anyone you love: your children, your other half, your best friend, your parents, and your grandparents so they can receive messages from all of their grandchildren. Lovebox is easy to use and allows everyone to stay connected to those they love!

How many people can be connected to a Lovebox?

The Lovebox creates an intimate experience where messages can be sent from an unlimited number of loved ones. You can connect as many people as you want and receive infinite love. To do this, communicate the “secret code” available on your Lovebox to all the people you want to send you messages. All they have to do is download the application and add your Lovebox with the secret code.

What can I send to my lovebox?

On the Lovebox Color & Photo, you can receive photos, as well as multicolor messages, stickers, and drawings.

Do I need a internet connection for the Lovebox to work?

Yes! WiFi provides LoveBox with the internet connection necessary to send and receive love notes in real time. 

If you live in a place where WiFi goes through a connection portal or if you want to connect the Lovebox to a shared network (in a company or a retirement home for example), we have a solution right here.

Where can I download the Lovebox app?

The Lovebox app is available for free:

How can I offer a Lovebox to someone who lives far away?

There is no limit distance between the sender and the Lovebox. It does not matter how far you are from it, you will still be able to send messages. If you want to offer the Lovebox to a loved one you can:

  • Get it shipped directly to them
  • Get it shipped to you.

You can setup the Lovebox with your WiFi connection and send a message on it. Don’t open the lid! Then ship the Lovebox to your loved one. When they will have set it up with their WiFi, they will receive the message you sent before.

Is it possible to be connected to several lovebox with one app?

Yes, you can add as many Lovebox as you want.
If you want to send the same message on two different Lovebox, you have to write it twice. 

What happens when I sent several messages in a row to a Lovebox?

The messages will be displayed on the order they have been sent. You can close and open the lid between each messages.

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