Lovebox, when technology serves love

What if technology helped us create happiness around us? At Lovebox, this has been our mission since 2017. Our company was born from the desire to use technology to serve a happier, more generous society where digital would serve stronger human relationships. The Lovebox is a connected wooden box to give to someone you love to send her/him small attentions on a daily basis, in the form of photos, messages, drawings or even stickers.

The Lovebox is a connected, messaging device developed in France. It is ideal to take care of your couple, your children, your grandparents, your family and your friends in general.

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How does the Lovebox work ? 

Step 1


The Lovebox is coupled with a mobile app from which you can send your love notes, from anywhere in the world, at any time of the day or night.

During the installation, the owner of the Lovebox will choose to give access to her/his Lovebox to one or several people of her/his choice who will be able to fill the Lovebox with love by sending messages, photos, drawings and stickers from the mobile application.

Step 2


Once installed and connected to WiFi, the Lovebox will transmit all the messages sent by the people connected to it in a very special way to its recipient: the arrival of a message on the Lovebox Color & Photo will make its little heart come alive: it will rotate until the lid is opened to read the message inside.


Step 3


On the screen hidden under the lid, the Lovebox Color & Photo will then deliver the message, photo, drawing or sticker to its recipient.


Step 4


By turning the heart of the Lovebox Color & Photo by hand, its owner will send a waterfall of hearts on the mobile application of each person connected to his or her object, thus sending a small dose of love in return.


What can I send to the Lovebox ?


Messages, drawings, photos, stickers... The choice is yours !
Set your creativity free, share your best memories and declare your love in the simpliest way.


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The Lovebox is the perfect gift for...


Couple holding a LoveboxFamily gathering around a LoveboxGrandmother holding a LoveboxChildren holding a Lovebox


Your lover 💖

Exchange in a new way with Lovebox. Whether you live together or are separated by thousands of miles, Lovebox is the perfect way to keep your relationship alive.

"Nearly one year ago, I moved across the country for school, causing my girlfriend and me to becoms a long-distance couple. Getting this for her for our anniversary helps me surprise her with little love notes whenever either of us needs it most and it makes both of us really happy!" - Anthony

Your parents 👩‍👩‍👧‍👦

Do you wish you could see your parents more often? Or is this your first time living away from your parents? Remind them that you care about them in a thoughful way and share your adventures with the Lovebox.

"The Lovebox helps me send my mom warm hugs and kisses despite the distance across time zones that feel more genuine than a text when the time zones don't allow for enough time to call on the phone!" - Jade

Your Grandparents 💌

Is your grandmother not a fan of technology? Give her a Lovebox so she can receive thoughts from the whole family in a simple way.
Note: the Lovebox must be connected via wifi at grandma's house.

"I got my 87 year old mom a color and photo Lovebox for her birthday. She loves it because she gets surprise messages and photos from her loved ones all throughout the day. She gets so excited when she sees the heart spin. We love it because we can send her quick messages to let her know we are thinking of her." - Caren

Your children 🎨

Do you travel often or come home late? You can't always be with your kids? Put a Lovebox in your children's room to wish them a good night, even if you can't physically be with them.

"I adore my Lovebox! My daughter has one at my house and her father's. Its a fun way to send little messages when she is missing one of us, or us her. The quality is great also! I am so glad I decided to buy them!!! - Kristin

A gift for many occasions... 🎁

There are many occasions to show your loved ones that you care about them: Valentine's Day, birthday, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Grandma's Day, Christmas, wedding gift...With Lovebox, you will offer them love every day!

 ⭐ 4.6/5 rating (1300+ reviews)

 ⭐ Made of bamboo wood

 ⭐ +145 000 units sold

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