How To Write a Love Letter

Ah yes, the days of handwritten Valentines and love letters. Remember the days before social media, texting, and Skype, when all we had was little Valentines of our favorite cartoon or sitcom characters, and we would handprint our first names on and then pass around the class? 

Maybe it’s time we brought back some old-fashioned tangible tokens of affection. A handwritten romantic love letter may be just the thing to add some unexpected romance into your relationship this year. 

Here at Lovebox, we couldn’t agree more. That is why we have put together some of our team’s favorite tips and suggestions for writing the perfect love letter to your sweetie this year. So whether you’re a budding artist, a writer, or just simply madly in love with your S.O., we’ve got the perfect tips for you. 

Why Write a Love Letter

We have multiple ways to communicate at our fingertips every day in our modern era, such as email, texting, FaceTime, Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and Skype. So, why sit down and write a handwritten love letter with an old-fashioned pen and paper for your loved one? 

Sure we could still send a romantic message over social media, but why do that when you can personalize a gesture of your affection for them to always have as a reminder of your love.  Maybe you have a hard time expressing affection to your loved ones in person. That’s okay; we're here to help!

The Fundamentals of Writing a Love Letter 

We’ve outlined the specifics you need to write your love letter and some tips and suggestions if you get stuck along the way. If you get overwhelmed, just stop and take a short break. The love letter will be there when you return. 

We suggest you start a few days (or weeks) before you want to give your sweetheart your love letter just in case it takes you longer than expected to pick out your stationery and pens and write your letter—the more time, the better to think it through. 

Ready to get started? Let’s jump in! 

1. Make an Outline

It’s essential to think ahead before putting pen to paper. Sit down with a cup of coffee and start brainstorming what you’d like to say to your loved one. 

Remember, the letter is for your S.O., not you, so think of things they would like to hear or would want to say to them. Be genuine and authentic! Staying organized is key to a perfect love letter.  

2. Choose Your Greeting 

You can write “Dear [name];” however, you may want to choose a salutation that is a little more personal and romantic that fits your relationship. Starting with “Dear [name] does tend to be more of an impersonal, formal greeting that’s best for more formal letters or emails. 

However, a pet name you use or something romantic such as “Lovely darling” or “My dearest sweetheart” is always a good idea. You want something personal and unique to set the tone for your perfect love letter.

3. Write the First Paragraph 

After you choose your greeting, start your letter with something encouraging and positive. Why did you want to write the letter in the first place? What about your particular person made you think a love letter is a perfect way to express your love? A good rule of thumb is to write your love letter as if you are talking to them in person. 

Be sure to mention why you are expressing your love through the form of a letter in this first paragraph. Maybe it’s your first Valentine’s Day as a long-distance couple. Perhaps you just got engaged, and it’s their first birthday as an engaged couple. Whatever the case, maybe it’s a good idea to briefly touch on why it’s essential to express your feelings in letter form.

4. Write the Body 

Share in this section the moments that matter the most to you. The body is the heart of your love letter. Mention what you have in common with your lover and why that is special to you. 

If you are long-distance, talk about how much you miss them and that you can’t wait to be together again. Does your lover still give you butterflies in your stomach? Tell them! 

Recall one of your favorite romantic memories as a couple. In this section, stay focused on the grand scheme of your letter. Remember your partner’s love language and what would matter the most to them. Take time with this section. There’s no need to rush. 

5. Write the Valediction 

You can choose to end your love letter however you choose. However, it may be best to avoid the standard, “Love, [insert your lover’s name here],” and it’s best to prefer something a little more loving and personal. Make sure it’s memorable and appropriate for your loved one. 

Do you have a special way you end your text messages or voicemails to your lover? If so, you could use that or maybe get a little more creative for your closing moment. 

If you feel stuck and need help ending your perfect love letter, here are a few suggestions, but of course, always do what feels most natural and comfortable for you. For example, “Your adoring partner,” “Forever and always your love,” “Always yours,” or “I can’t wait to see you.”

6. Don’t forget the Stamps!

After you are pleased with your letter and add the final touches, insert your letter (and anything you choose to add with the letter) in a matching envelope and seal your letter with either a sticker or wax. It’s always special to find a little message when you open the flap of an envelope. For example, you could write “I love you” or just a few Xs and Os on the inside flap. Whatever you feel comfortable adding. 

The next step is to choose your delivery method. Everyone loves receiving mail, so even if you live with your loved one or are in the same town, it might be fun to mail your letter snail mail. But it’s incredibly romantic to deliver it personally. 

It’s dreamy to find a love letter from your special person when you’re least expecting it. Place your love letter in an unexpected place with a rose or piece of chocolate. 

You could also place them in their apartment or house with a trail of rose petals leading them to your romantic love letter. Displaying romantic gestures helps keep the romance alive in your relationship. Expressing your vulnerability and willingness to expose your feelings and love for the other person strengthens your love for each other. 

Get Inspiration From the Experts 

What To Do When You Get Stuck 

Not many of us have experience writing a traditional love letter to our darling as a romantic gesture, so it’s natural we might get stuck when writing our first romantic letter. But, have no fear! Lovebox has your back. 

We’ve added some helpful tips and suggestions for when you get stuck (and you probably will get stuck, but don’t worry; it happens!). In our world of instant gratification and a limit of forty characters, it can be challenging to write a love letter filled with our deepest thoughts and feelings. 

Keep reading for our best suggestions for when you get stuck!

1. Stop and Breathe

If you’re feeling frustrated or don’t know what to say next, just take a moment and step away from the letter. Take a walk. Get a drink of water or a fresh cup of coffee. Then after your head feels clearer, return to the love letter with a new perspective. You want to take your time and say what you want to say. 

There’s no rush. If it helps, you can type out what you want to say either on your laptop or in the notes section on your phone. If you need to, you can even type it out and work on it for a few days before you have to write what you decide to say on the stationery. 

2. Let Them Know Exactly How You Feel

Sometimes it helps to think precisely how you feel and what you’re thinking when it comes to writing a love letter. It doesn’t have to be all flowery and formal. You can be specific about what you love about the other person or something specific they do in your relationship that may go unnoticed, but you love immensely. 

Tell them! 

It’s okay to say, “I love you so much.” But what about “I love the long walks we take after dinner, and we both talk about our day.” You’re kind, you’re thoughtful, or you’re the best part of my life. 

Tell them how you love how they always remember you like three sugars and two creams in your coffee in the mornings, and they bring it to you as a surprise. Whatever feels natural to you! 

3. Write With Confidence

You aren’t writing to a stranger. You know and love this person. They know and love you. They want to hear your thoughts and want to hear your open expression of your love together. 

Writing the perfect love letter just requires you to be yourself with organized, natural thoughts and feelings expressed in a way you want your loved one to know how deep your love is for them. Have courage. Your letter will be a wonderful token of your affection to the one you love the most. 

4. Reminisce About Special Shared Experiences

Write about the first time you met. What did you see? What did you hear? Where was it? Write about things that both of you remember but maybe haven’t been spoken from your perspective. 

Be sincere in your romantic gesture of letter writing. Add details that are special to you. For example, share how you felt the first time you went on a picnic together or the first time you went to the movies. Describe why it matters to you. 

5. Stay Away From the Negative

Stay away from words like “don’t” and “I don’t know.” Stay positive! Point out your favorite personality traits and characteristics of your favorite person. Mention that you’re counting down the days until you see each other again. Love is positive. Even if you’re far away or busy with work or school, love is always a bright spot in our lives. 

6. Have Fun Writing Your Letter

Don’t forget to have fun while writing your love letter! It can sometimes be overwhelming, but it can be an exciting experience picking out the perfect pen and stationery, finding stickers or wax to seal the love letter, and narrowing down your favorite poem or song lyrics. 

Be yourself! Take your time to find the right words for you. 

Extra Tips To Help You Write Your Love Letter 

Still not sure if you have the courage to write a love letter to your soulmate? We’ve put together some extra tips just to get you started. And, before you know, you will have written the perfect love letter to your dearly beloved!

There’s No Rush

Take your time when you’re ready to write your love letter! Get your workspace ready and distraction-free. There’s no need to be in a hurry when it comes to matters of the heart. Although your S.O. will love anything you write, you still want it to be something they will treasure and want to read over and over for years to come.  

Pick Out the Perfect Pen and Stationery

Take time to find a unique writing pen (that’s right: pen not pencil) that works well and a fun, creative stationery set that matches your loved one’s personality. You can use your favorite notebook paper and a regular envelope if you feel more comfortable. A black or brown pen is the best option. 

Although if you’re creative, you may prefer something a little more artsy such as pink or something that matches the unique stationery you picked out. Remember you’re writing the letter for them, not you! 

Consider Upgrading Your Love Letter

It’s fun sometimes to go old school and find a wax kit for sealing your letter! They are easy to find and easy to use. It’s a fun way to add something special to your love letter. It’s also an excellent way for them to see the time you’ve put into writing the perfect love letter! 

Get Out Your Cologne or Perfume

Spritzing a light mist of your favorite cologne or perfume will remind them of you and your love. Plus, who doesn’t love a letter that smells good! It’s a fun way to seal your love note, and it’s something your significant other won’t forget anytime soon. Don’t forget a kiss! 

Consider Including a Token of Your Love

You certainly don’t have to, but you may want to consider including a small token of your love. Such as a polaroid from the last time you were together. Or maybe concert tickets from your first date that you saved. Perhaps you’ve saved the receipt from the first time you went to dinner together. 

Anything from throughout your relationship that’s a symbol of your love and affection. Something small you can add to their envelope that will make your love letter extra special. 

Add Your Creative Flair

If you’re an artist, you might want to include a small sketch in your envelope (or even on your envelope if you prefer!). If you’re a songwriter, you could include song lyrics of something you’ve written. If you’re a poet, you could include a poem you wrote for your loved one. 

Even if you don’t think you are creative or have talent, often when we are in love, we find we can do more creatively than we initially thought. Being in love does all kinds of things to the creative side of our brain. Your S.O. will love anything you write! 

Not Creative? No Worries!

Not the creative type? You can still include song lyrics of your favorite artists or from a song you both sang along to on your first date. Or maybe you both love poetry. You could include a favorite poem of both of yours. Whatever speaks from your heart. You could write anything that reminds you both of a perfect romantic memory together!  

Go Unconventional

There are several reasons why physically writing a letter and mailing it might not work for you. If that’s the case, look for nontraditional methods of sending a love letter. Thanks to modern technology, we at Lovebox have come up with the first love note messenger!

Does your loved one make your heart spin? Send your darling a heartfelt love note anywhere in the world with our modern take on the old-fashioned love letter. You can send photos, messages, and drawings to your loved one. 

Simply type out your message on the free app, send it to their Lovebox. The heart will spin when the message is received and opened. Then your loved one can send you a waterfall of hearts to your phone to let you know they read your message. You can even choose which spinny heart that best suits your personality! 


When writing your love letter, always start with the basics: the outline, the greeting, the first paragraph, the body, and the salutation. Then, don’t forget to take some time to pick out your pen and stationery and include something special such as a Polaroid of the two of you. 

Finally, if you feel you’re starting to get overwhelmed, take a short break and walk around or get a drink of water. And, don’t forget to have fun!




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