How Much Should You Talk to Your Partner?

Thanks to modern technology, you can talk to your soulmate all day, every day, through several communication platforms. Today we are on call 24/7 with texting, video chat, social media, and, of course, good old-fashioned phone calls. Before the advent of cell phones, it was almost impossible to be in touch with your S.O. several times a day. 


Now, it’s strange not to hear from your partner multiple times in a day. It’s a different yet beautiful time to talk to our loved ones whenever we want in our modern era. However, at the same time, technology and communication have completely changed the expectations for communication and relationships. 


So, how often should you talk to your partner throughout the day?


How Much Are You Talking to Your Partner?

While there are no set rules in relationships for how often you and your partner should talk throughout the day, knowing how much or how little to talk throughout the day for both of you to have healthy, productive days is key in your relationship. 


First and foremost, recognizing that texting throughout the day is not always sustainable (or healthy) for either of you is a good start when deciding how much to talk. There are many incredible advantages to texting your partner, such as encouraging them, keeping up with their day, and reminding them how much you love and miss them. However, you can have too much of a good thing! 


Talk to your partner if you are not sure how much to text them. Start noticing how you feel throughout the day. Are you able to concentrate on work? Has your productivity been affected by texting too much or responding to your S.O.’s messages?


On the other hand, maybe you and your boo are not talking enough during the day. It is essential to feel connected to your S.O., especially when one or both of you need additional support. For example, maybe you have an important presentation to give, or one of your parents is having a health crisis, and you want to be supportive. Whatever the case may be, finding that “sweet spot” for how much you should talk as a couple is vital for the health of your relationship. 


Now you may be asking what the “sweet spot” in your relationship is. Deciding how much you should talk to your partner throughout the day is different for each couple. Texting a few times a day, before and after work, might be a good way for you both to stay focused on your work. Phone calls and video chats could be once a day or just on the weekends, depending on your unique situation. It’s entirely up to you and your partner! If you aren’t sure how often you should talk, we are here for you. 


Keep reading to discover if you and your partner are talking too much or not enough!


Are You and Your Partner Talking Too Much?

You’ll most likely know if you and your partner are talking too often throughout the day. Maybe you’ve been finding you are on your phone answering your S.O. more than you have been communicating with coworkers or those around you. Perhaps, your partner has been texting or calling you too much throughout your day (or night), but you don’t want to hurt their feelings.


Furthermore, if you’ve been finding it challenging to complete your tasks or have been getting distracted easily, it may be time to talk with your partner about both of your communication needs. Simply discuss reasonable boundaries and what is best for both of you to be as productive as possible. Healthy communication is vital in our digital communication age. 


In fact, being honest and open about how often you should communicate throughout the day is vital before someone gets hurt due to any preconceived communication expectations. Set up a time to discuss how often you should talk to each other. Be honest in explaining how you feel. For example, explain how you’d prefer to chat in person when your workday is over, or maybe you’d like to only text on your lunch break, so you aren’t distracted. 


Be sure to ask your partner how often they would like to communicate and develop reasonable communication expectations and boundaries that you are comfortable with moving forward. For example, if you aren’t sure what is valid regarding how often you should text, you could start with only text before work and after work for you both to stay focused on your work. There’s nothing better than getting a good morning text from your boo to help you start your day! And who doesn’t love hearing their Significant Other’s voice after a long day in the office? 


If you’re having trouble knowing where to start when deciding how much you and your partner should talk, our team at Lovebox has put together a few reasonable boundaries to suggest to your partner. Remember, every relationship is different, so what may work for other couples might not work for you. If you’re still searching for the “sweet spot,” try to change up your communication!


For example, start limiting phone calls to weekends if you have a busy work schedule or need time to yourself in the evening. If texting is too distracting, find specific times that work for both of you to have a quick conversation about how your days are going. Then find time on the weekend to have a more extended discussion. 


Are You and Your Partner Talking Often Enough?

Though you may wish to talk to your partner more throughout the day, it might not be possible due to time-zone differences, conflicting work schedules, and personal communication styles. Therefore, it’s essential to understand your partner’s communication needs and day-to-day logistics to have reasonable communication expectations. Even if it’s not feasible to be glued to your phone all day, a little flirty texting or a quick call in the morning goes a long way in a relationship.


Even if your partner cannot respond to your messages during the day, knowing you are thinking of them, especially during challenging times, goes a long way in your relationship!


This being said, you can find creative ways to talk to your partner when conventional communication methods are out of the question! And, we have the perfect answer! The Lovebox for Lovers connected messaging device is the most popular way to send a love note in our modern era. It’s ideal for sending one-of-a-kind heartfelt messages when it’s challenging to talk to your partner often enough. 


Simply create your unique messages with love notes, photos, or stickers through our free app. The heart on the box will spin, letting your partner know they have a new message. You can even pick your spinny for their Lovebox for Lovers! Then, after they read your message, they can send a waterfall of hearts across your screen. It’s the perfect answer for when you and your partner cannot talk enough through traditional communication methods throughout the day. It’s also great for when you want to send an extra special love note to remind them how much they are loved! 



There you have it! Your ultimate guide to knowing how much you should talk to your partner! Finding the “sweet spot” for how little or how often you should speak with your partner is up to each couple. 


Remember, when you aren’t sure how much to talk with your partner, sit down and discuss your needs in the relationship. Most likely, they would love to hear what you need and want when it comes to communication! Talking through both of your needs can make a big difference in your relationship - whatever is best for you and your partner! 


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