8 Ways to Level Up Your Love

At Lovebox, one of our favorite things to do is to show the most important people in our lives how much we love them. As time passes, we find that prioritizing the people we love can significantly grow our relationships. 


But how do we nurture love when being physically apart might be the best thing to do? Don’t worry–our founder Jean created Lovebox as a solution to being away from his partner, so we know a thing or two about that. 


Whether you’re near your partner or far away, we put together a list of simple ways to level up your love during quarantine. 


If Your Loved One is Near


  •  Try Something New

What’s something you’ve always wanted to do together? Maybe you’ve been wanting to order from that new restaurant on the corner, or your partner has been wanting to get into painting. Take a risk and try something that will allow you to navigate an experience together – who knows, you might even learn something new about each other in process. When you’re done, alternate turns and pick another! 



  • Break Bread Together

Yes, we do mean literally. If the bread-making quarantine craze has lost its luster, there are tons of other delicious recipes online to choose from. Working together to cook up something tasty can be a relaxing experience, plus creating your meal from scratch makes it taste that much better. 


  • Dress Up for Halloween

Halloween is bound to look different this year, but that’s not stopping us. Get creative with matching couple costumes and snap a few funny pictures for yourselves! If you’re really looking for a fun quarantine project, you can even DIY your outfits. Who said dressing up is only for kids?


  • Spend Time in Nature

Why spend time stuck inside when you can explore the great outdoors? Try taking 15 minutes out of your busy days to take a walk together. It’s a great excuse to enjoy the fresh air and each other’s company. Feeling extra ambitious? Gather your gear and go for a long hike or even a camping trip.


If Your Loved One is Far



  • Be Curious About Each Other

You can learn a lot about another person by listening. Create a list of questions (both silly and serious) you’ve always wanted to ask and fire away. Like what are their favorite pizza toppings? Maybe they like pineapple on pizza (we know, this may be a dealbreaker). By staying curious about each other, you’ll find there’s always something new to learn.



  • Play a Couple Games

Some say that a little competition can bring people closer. Put your communication skills to the test with fun two-player games like Overcooked, or an online escape room. The possibilities are endless. You can even go on ‘double dates’ with friends in a 2v2 game!



  • Take a Virtual Trip

Did you and your loved one travel a lot before quarantine? Revisit your favorite destinations online with YouTube videos or even Google Maps. Pair it with digging up the mementos you’ve collected from your trips, and this will surely make for a special evening of reminiscing.



  • Send a Message with Lovebox

Let Lovebox be your modern-day love letter. Sending quick, spontaneous notes their way when they least expect it shows that you’re thinking of them. You can even send stickers and hand-drawn pictures too, so the experience will never get old.


Showing the people we love how much we care doesn’t always have to be a complex, grand gesture – putting in a little extra effort can truly go a long way. Try these activities out and you’ll be #relationshipgoals in no time.


Best of luck from all of us at Lovebox!

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