8 Great Conversation Topics for Long-Distance Relationships

Finding new things for you and your partner to talk about can be challenging. It’s easy to run out of things to talk about before one or both of you get bored with the conversation. Couples often spend hours finding something to fill the silence when they spend time on the phone or video chatting—wondering what else to say to each other beyond asking how their day was and what they had for breakfast.

Don’t worry; you are not alone! Anyone who has been in a long-distance relationship can relate to the struggle. You want to talk and spend time listening to each other, but you just can’t think of anything to say. 

If you and your long-distance partner are running out of things to say to each other, we at Lovebox are here to help you save your precious time with your boo with deep conversation topics that are sure to help you never run out of great conversation starters! 

Ready to get started? Let’s dive in! 

1. Make a List of Your "Long-Distance"Goals

Making a list of each other’s goals will make any long-distance relationship easier! In addition, it’s an essential conversation starter to find out what your partner is working on professionally, physically, mentally, and emotionally. 

It can be anything—large or small. Not only does talking about each other’s goals help you both stick to a timeline to help you accomplish them, but it also encourages you both to know one day you will be close in proximity. After you share your goals, follow up each week with ways to encourage each other and offer suggestions when you may get discouraged. A little encouragement goes a long way! 

2. Ask About Their Physical, Mental, and Emotional Health

When you aren’t around your partner every day, it can be challenging to gauge what’s up with their health, especially mental health. Ask them questions such as are they getting enough sleep? Are they exercising regularly? Are they seeing a therapist? 

These kinds of questions are vital to tackle, so you both are held accountable when it comes to your health. Plus, it helps you both know more about what is going on in their day-to-day life. You may not be aware of something important your partner may be dealing with daily unless you ask. 

3. Talk About the Future

Talking about the future is another excellent conversation starter that affects your individual lives and your lives together. Of course, it’s great to discuss any upcoming trips or vacations you have planned—regularly seeing each other is vital in a long-distance relationship. But it’s also essential to dig deeper and talk about your future together. 

Ask where you see each other in a year, five years, 10 years. Create a timeline you are comfortable with when you will move closer together. Discuss your shared vision of what the future looks like as a couple. Not only will the conversation make you closer as a couple but having an idea of where your relationship timeline is a great way to get through the lonely time while you’re physically apart. 

4. Discuss What Bothers You

If you haven’t lived together, or even in the same town, it’s often challenging to know what bothers your partner. You might tell something is different in their voice or texting behavior, but you’re not sure why. Tell your partner about your struggles. 

Talk about your struggles at work, social pressures, or any anxiety you are experiencing. Ask them to share what bothers them during the day and what may keep them up at night. What was the most challenging task you had to do this week? Knowing each other’s struggles prepares you for life together and makes you feel closer no matter the distance. 

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5. Talk About Your Hardships

Ask your partner about a time in their life that was the most difficult to overcome. For example, was it when they didn’t know if they would pass a class in medical school? Was it when a relative passed away or a move they had to make as a child? It’s important to know what your partner has gone through in life to understand how to be there for them in the future. 

It’s easy to be afraid to share your struggles. But once you open up to your partner about your hardships, no matter how inconsequential, you’ll be glad you did! The long-distance couples that can talk about the good time and the bad times learn something new about each other every day that helps them connect! 

6. Ask Them What Makes Them Happy

A great way to show someone you love them is to ask what makes them happy! Remembering the good times you’ve had as a couple in the past helps you stay bonded over a long distance. In addition, talking to each other about the little things throughout the day that made you happy is an excellent start to a beautiful conversation that will leave you both smiling! For example, tell each other about the dog you saw on your run, talk about the latte you had with good foam, and talk about something that happened that reminded you of your partner. 

7. Ask Them What Makes Them Grateful

What is your partner most grateful for in their life? What do they appreciate the most about your relationship? It’s essential to cultivate a relationship and an attitude of gratefulness. When one or both of you is feeling down or struggling in a particular area in life, if you know what makes them the most grateful, then you will learn how to help them the most. 

Start asking each other what they are thankful for each month and remind each other of all the good in your lives. It’s easy to focus on the negative and what we wished were different in our lives. But it’s essential to be grateful for even the little things in life, such as your health, your employment, and that you have each other. Couples who focus on being grateful can have a whole new perspective on life! 

8. Talk About Communication

A great conversation starter is talking about your communication habits. For starters, talking about boundaries in your communication will only make your relationship stronger. Share what you like and don’t like in how you are communicating. 

For example, if one partner is texting too much during work and has become a distraction, discuss what time of day is best to text. Maybe let each know you still love to hear from them, but you’re unable to respond during working hours. Understanding each other’s communication needs goes a long way in a long-distance relationship! 

Are either of you getting bored with texting and video chatting at the end of a long day? 

Suffice it to say, finding new, creative ways to talk to each other long-distance is essential to keeping the spark in your relationship alive and well. Thanks to modern technology, we now have numerous ways to communicate with our long-distance partners! Everything from FaceTime, texting, social media, and Skype. However, the Lovebox messenger, a connected messaging device that goes beyond regular communication, is the most popular way to connect with long-distance partners today! 

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All in all, finding things to talk about in your long-distance relationship can be challenging, but with our great conversation starters, we know you and your S.O. will always have something to keep the conversation going! These long-distance conversations can work miracles when the conversation dries up! With our topics, you and your partner are sure to bond no matter the distance between you! Remember, when you are both bored of communicating, the Lovebox Original Color & Photo is perfect for starting great conversations! 

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