21 Ways To Show Appreciation in a Long-Distance Relationship

Long-Distance relationships (LDR) require work and creativity to show your girlfriend, boyfriend, or partner appreciation even though there may be hundreds of miles between you. However, it’s essential to make an effort to do excellent, unexpected acts of gratitude to your long-distance partner. It’s easy for any of us in LDR couples to have times where one or both of us feel unappreciated or somewhat overlooked in our busy lives and different time zones. 

Consequently, our team at Lovebox has put together our favorite 21 ways to show appreciation to your boyfriend in a long-distance relationship and that you care. We thought of everything from sending flirty love texts to making a surprise visit to see them. 

We’ve got you covered with everything you need to make a long-distance relationship work!  

Keep reading to find the perfect way to show your long-distance partner you appreciate them and love them

1. Share Photos or Snaps of Your Day

For long-distance couples, every little bit of sharing is appreciated. It feels good to be included in each other’s lives, even if it seems like a mundane activity to you. So, start taking frequent pictures of your day with your smartphone and send them to your long-distance partner to make them feel involved, or send your favorite photos of your recent activities. 

For example, send photos of your coffee in the morning. If you don’t feel comfortable sending pictures of your face, you can always send outfit of the day pics to show them how you look since they don’t get to see you all the time. Snap them the book you are reading or your nighttime routine, anything that makes them feel loved. 

2. Start a Fun Countdown of the Next Time You See Each Other

Make a fun calendar to count down the number of days until you see each other again. Counting down and being reminded of when you will see each other next is a great way to get through a long-distance relationship and when you miss each other and are looking forward to the next visit! 

If you’re feeling crafty, you could make a calendar for them to put up by their mirror so they can mark off the days. Or you can do something super simple like get a countdown app on both of your phones or send them daily reminders the next time you see each other.  


3. Start a Book Club

Do you both love to read but never seem to be reading the same book at the same time? Then, starting a virtual book club is a great way to always have something to talk about and spend more time together. 

Even if you don’t enjoy reading as much as your partner, they will feel loved and cherished by taking the time to find books to read together and put together a virtual book club. When someone does something with you, that’s your favorite activity, but you know they don’t love it, that is when you know it is true love! 

4. Make a Special "Long Distance" Couples Playlist

It’s always fun listening to our loved one’s favorite playlists to see what they like. A great way to show that you care and appreciate your partner is to create a special playlist just for the two of you! 

Maybe include each other’s favorite songs as well as something new for both of you to learn and enjoy! If you have any memorable couple songs meaningful to your relationship, be sure to include them as well, so your bae will constantly be reminded of how much you love them even when you aren’t physically spending time together! 

5. Build a Scavenger Hunt for Them

Scout out their location if you aren’t familiar with it and find fun places to have them go and get a prize from you for a fun long-distance date night idea. You could either set up with the owner of each of the sites you visit or have a local friend assist you. The rest is up to your imagination! For example, send them to their favorite coffee shop and already pay for their morning cup of joe. They need to send you pictures after each stop and have a fun surprise for them at the end! 

6.Pick Up the Phone and Call

As simple as it may sound, sometimes a random phone call is all someone needs to hear your voice and feel loved. So often, don’t just call anyone anymore, especially those we love because texting is so much easier. However, picking up your phone and calling someone these days is a true sign of love and appreciation! 

7. Get Crafty!

Show your partner appreciation by making something special just for them as a long-distance relationship activity. Everyone loves homemade gifts, and they’re no exception! Whether you knit scarves, paint scenery, or sew pajamas, your partner is sure to love any new things you hand-make them. 

As a result, they will feel loved and appreciated, and you could video chat afterwards to see their reaction. And, even more, they will constantly be reminded of you and your love for each other when they wear or use the item you made them. 

8. Pick Out a Unique Ring Tone for Each Other

A great way to set your long-distance boyfriend’s call and texts apart from other calls or texts is to have him pick out a unique ring tone for him when he calls you and vice versa. It could be a favorite movie theme song you both love and something that reminds you of each other. Whatever you choose, as long as it reminds you of each other, then you’re showing them appreciation!

9. Bake Them Their Favorite Bread or Cookies

Homemade baked goods are one of the best surprises you could mail to your long-distance boyfriend! Simply bake their favorite bread or cookie recipe (or whatever is your specialty!) and mail them to your boyfriend. They’ll love it! Who doesn’t love someone taking the time to bake you something with homemade ingredients and mailing it to you! 

10. Write a Poem (or a song, or a story) About Your Love

If you express yourself best through the written word, then writing out your feelings of love and appreciation to your partner will definitely show them your appreciation. So often, it can be challenging to express ourselves through texting or even letter writing at times. However, by creatively writing something especially for our significant other, we share our love and care for the other person. It’s also a unique gift that no one else in the world will have! 

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11. Plan a Trip Together! 

A great way to spend time together and show your long-distance partner you love and appreciate them is to schedule a getaway somewhere that’s easy for both of you to meet and just enjoy each other’s company for a few days! Whether it is an adventure trip such as skiing or rafting, or a relaxing trip in a cabin in the mountains, the critical part is that you spend time together and appreciate each other’s company. 

A popular getaway over the last few years is the idea of glamping or camping with modern conveniences. Glamping is a great way to spend time together in a romantic setting to connect and unwind! Even better, you could put together a scrapbook or mixtape afterwards to remind you both of the adventure.

12. Have a Movie Night 

If your long-distance boyfriend loves to watch movies or a certain TV show, then planning a movie night to enjoy together will be right up his alley! You could either stream a movie or just watch a movie simultaneously and have a Facetime video date so you can enjoy the funny parts together and see each other’s reactions during the film.

13. Sign Both of You Up for a Virtual Class

Has your long-distance boyfriend always wanted to learn to speak Italian or always wanted to learn photography? Sign you both up for a class for something he’s interested in, and it’s a perfect way to show him you care, and you can learn something together while also having a virtual date night! 

14. Make a Couple Photo Album

Put together your favorite pictures as a couple and put them in a fun photo album to enjoy when they start missing you. 

15. Send a Care Package

Sending a care package may remind you of your mom sending you canned foods during your freshmen year of college. But a care package, at any age, is a fantastic way to show your long-distance boyfriend how much you appreciate them. By carefully selecting their favorite snacks, candies, candles, coffee, books, blankets, and magazines, you are showing them that not only do you listen to what they like. But you also took the time to lovingly pick out everything that would make them feel loved and cared for across the miles. 

16.Start a Handwritten Journal Together

A different way to show appreciation to your partner is to buy a unique journal such as a lovely, leather-bound journal and start writing to them. Then, mail it to them and have them start writing where you left off. 

Then, send it back and forth until you have a complete journal of your handwritten thoughts and expressions of love for each other over time. A journal you wrote together is one of the best long-distance relationship gifts you can both keep for years to come to remember the great years when you were a long-distance couple!

17. Send Old-Fashioned Love Letters

As quick and easy it is to send your long-distance partner texts and snaps, there’s something about receiving an old-fashioned love letter in the snail mail that just oozes love and appreciation for your partner. 

18. Spend Time Together (Virtually!) 

In an LDR, it’s easy to take for granted all of the modern technology and communication devices at our fingertips. However, one of the best ways to show your partner how much you appreciate and care for them is to find a designated time just to enjoy each other’s company. You could play games together, stream a movie together, or even cook dinner together and enjoy a meal together, virtually! The opportunities are endless. 

19. Surprise Them With a Visit! 

Surprise visits from you are better than anything! There’s nothing better than going about your day and looking up to see your favorite person, whom you thought was miles away, standing right in front of you! It’s a super special gift and the best surprise you’d want to receive! 

Don’t forget to turn off your location before heading out if you share your location with each other! 

20. Randomly Send Cute, Flirty Text Messages

We all know texting is essential in an LDR. It is one of the easiest and fastest ways to communicate throughout your day. However, how often have you sent flirty love messages for him to know that you love him and care for him? Sending random, flirty messages is one of the best ways to keep the romance alive across the miles. 

Gift a Lovebox to your long distance partner

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21. Find Creative Ways to Communicate 

Still not sure how to show appreciation to your long-distance partner? We’ve kept the perfect idea for last: our Lovebox messaging box! To keep the spark alive in your LDR, it’s often necessary to find fun, creative ways to communicate your love for each other. Our Lovebox for Lovers is the sweetest way to show appreciation to your long-distance partner.

Our connected messaging device pairs with a free app to go beyond traditional communication and is a way to express your love and affection through cute love notes, pictures, stickers, silly drawings, and much more! The Lovebox is a perfect way to be cute and loving through modern technology to deliver the sweetest love notes. After receiving your message, they can spin the heart and send you back a waterfall of hearts in response. You can even choose your custom spinny heart for their Lovebox! 


To effectively show appreciation in a long-distance relationship, it is essential to do nice things for your long-distance boyfriend to show them they are loved and cared for regardless of the miles between you two. So, take the time to find ways to offer the perfect appreciation for your boyfriend, and they will cherish it for years to come. Showing appreciation never requires a lot of time or money, just something that says you love them and see all they do for you and your relationship! 


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