What is Lovebox?

Write your message on the mobile app

↣ To send your love notes

Send your messages via our free mobile app, from anywhere, at any time!

The app runs on iOS and Android, and is available on the Apple Store and on Google Play.

A new message on your Lovebox!

↣ And its heart spins, spins, spins...

The movement of the heart has been designed to remain silent and discreet, while still being noticeable enough so that you won't miss your message!

Open the lid!

↣ Your message is in the box

The Lovebox is built from French beech wood, harvested with love.

Read your message!

↣ The message magically appears in the mirror

You will see your message displayed inside as soon as you open the lid.

Want to answer with Love?

↣ Spin the heart of your Lovebox with your hand!

Every person whose smartphone has been linked to your Lovebox will receive a "rain of hearts" directly on their mobile or smartwatch!

4000+ units delivered for Christmas 2017

↣ We deliver in Europe and in the United States

We are so proud to have shipped thousands of Loveboxes for Christmas 2017. The product is available in Europe and in the US.

Shipped from France to all over the world with UPS

↣ Your love parcel will be shipped with UPS

We use UPS Express Saver to ship Loveboxes to guarantee you a fast and reliable delivery.

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