• Stay close to your loved one,

    even thousand miles away

    LoveBox, the love note reinvented

  • "Distance is only a way to know

    how far love can travel"

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  • The LoveTeam

    We spread love everywhere we go... <3


    Inventor & CEO


    Jean decided to create LoveBox when working in Boston, far away from his loved one in France.


    CMO & Biz dev


    When LoveBox's project was exposed to Marie, her mission was clear : spread love all over the world.

    Rama & Mélanie

    Our awesome interns !

    Rama loves karaoke, basketball and coding. He writes the code that sends your love messages.


    Melanie fell in love with LoveBox at first sight. She's helping us with communication.

    Victor & Charlotte

    App Developer & Designer

    They are developing the app that take care of your love messages !


    Designer of LoveBox

    Elsa is the one making our little box so pretty.

    Yannick & Hubert

    Love engineers

    Yannick takes care of the electronic part, and Hubert excels in 3D modeling.

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