• Feel close to your beloved,

    even thousands of miles away

    LoveBox, the love note reinvented

  • "Distance is only a test to know

    how far love can travel"

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  • The LoveTeam

    We spread love everywhere we go... <3


    Inventor & CEO


    Jean is a romantic person, so he decided to create LoveBox after leaving France to work in Boston, so that he can send messages to his beloved staying in France, instead of swimming across the ocean every morning !


    CMO & Biz dev


    Marie has the soul of a "startuper". She talks about creating her own company since a while. When she discovered LoveBox, everything was clear : her mission will be to spread love all over the world... And it gives her wings !

    Rama & Mélanie

    Our awesome interns !

    Rama loves karaoke and basketball. But his small size couldn't make him a NBA star. He also likes coding now, and he joined the team looking for love with a big L.

    Drawer during her free time since her childhood, Melanie discovered LoveBox looking for an internship. And it was Love at first sight ! Since then, she designs our communication contents.

    Victor & Charlotte

    App Developer & Designer

    They are shaping the app that will help you send love messages from anywhere in the world !


    Designer of LoveBox

    Elsa is the designer of LoveBox and makes our little box so pretty.

    Yannick & Hubert

    Love engineers

    Yannick takes care of the electronic part, and Hubert designs mechanics.

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