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Who can I gift a Lovebox to?

You can gift the Lovebox to anyone you love: your children, your other half, your best friend, your parents, your grandmother so that all her grandchildren will send her love... It is a very simple to use object and it allows everyone to stay connected to those they love!

How many people can be connected to a Lovebox?

The Lovebox is an intimate place where messages are secretly sent from a unlimited number of chosen loved ones. You can connect as many people as you want and receive infinite love. To do this, communicate the little “secret code” available on your Lovebox to all the people you want to invite to send you messages. All they have to do is download the application and add your Lovebox with this little secret code.

What can I send to my Lovebox?

You can send messages up to 168 characters as well as smileys and stickers that we have designed for you. The LoveTeam is currently working on an update to let you send monochrome photos and soon you'll be able to draw directly on the app and send your personalized drawings 😊 Our developers work every day to offer other ways to share your love with the Lovebox, follow us on our social media pages or subscribe to our newsletter to stay updated!

Do I need a internet connection for the Lovebox to work?

When you connect your Lovebox for the first time, it will ask you to connect it to a WiFi connection. Once it’s connected you can choose its language, give it a name and input all your information into it. Then you can begin sending and receiving messages! Your Lovebox must be connected to your home's WiFi to receive words of love. Unfortunately, without WiFi, the Lovebox cannot work... If you live in a place where WiFi goes through a connection portal or if you want to connect the Lovebox to a shared network (in a company or a retirement home for example), we have a solution right here.

Where can I download the Lovebox app?

The Lovebox app is available for free:
On the App Store
On the Play Store

Can I send messages from my computer?

If you are on a phone that does not support applications of this type, you can use the following link to send your messages to your Lovebox