• It all started with a love story...

    It all began when Jean left France to research robotics at MIT and his fiancée was in France. He wanted to find a way to send her love while being miles apart, so he invented the Lovebox.

    When Marie discovered Jean and his Lovebox, her first words were: « I have a sister in London, I’d love to send her love messages with a Lovebox! Your intention should be for all finds of love. Come and pitch in the coworking space I am working in. » This is how it all started.

  • And a few months later...

    50 Loveboxes were manufactured for our beta lover testers who applied by sending us love letters. We received so many lovely ones, we’ll never thank them enough.

    Thanks to their feedback, we redesigned the product and manufactured 1000 Loveboxes. And guess what? We sold out! Some of them were sold for Christmas at Galeries Lafayette Haussmann (and they still are), one of the most prestigious stores in Paris.

  • And now...

    Since September, lovely things happened for Lovebox. We are now a team of 6 people, the LoveTeam, working to create and bring happiness to everyday’s life.


    Jean, Marie and the Lovebox got into a startup accelerator in San Francisco: The Refiners. The Lovebox is living its American dream!

  • And now?


    After a few months of work where the LoveTeam has improved the Lovebox and created a new mobile application, we launched the new version of the Lovebox on Kickstarter. More than 2,800 people supported us in our fundraising campaign. We have received so much love and support from our LoveCommunity, and we are extremely grateful! More than 4000 Loveboxes will be delivered in France, Europe, United States and Canada this Christmas.

    Now you can pre-order your Lovebox directly on our website, it will be delivered before Christmas!