Überguizmo - LoveBox Is The Most Romantic Wooden Box, Ever

Love is a many splendored thing, but maintaining it is a challenge even for the most hopeless of romantics. Well, a long distance relationship can be extremely difficult to maintain, but apart from instant messages, phone calls, and video calls, what other ways can one explore to maintain that level of spark and commitment? How about the LoveBox? The LoveBox is a smart, connected box made out of wood which can be used to send messages to the queen/king of your heart in secret.

LoveBox is a French startup, and those who would love to have first mover advantage can definitely check out the pre-sales of the LoveBox that kicks off at CES 2017. Touted to be the most romantic connected object (it certainly is the most romantic connected wooden box of all time, judging by the scarcity of such a device in the market) to date, the LoveBox has something else to melt the heart of your valentine. It is actually lovingly made in the small village of Saint-Amour over in France. Yup, you read that right — in France’s very own love village, this romantic wooden box was crafted. [...]

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