Cnet - The Lovebox is a better gift than flowers for Valentine's Day

 This small wooden box is a precious way to let people know you love them.

"The Lovebox is a unique way to let a loved one know that you're thinking of them." Patrick Holland/CNET

Valentine's Day can be a divisive holiday: There are people who love to celebrate it and others who dread being alone for it. One gadget out to change that is an ingenious digital/analog wooden box called the Lovebox. It's built for sharing love and positive thoughts whether it's Valentine's Day or not.

Of course you can always let someone know you love them by sending flowers or taking them out to dinner, but those ways aren't that unique. There are also a number of ways to use our phones to sends texts, photos and videos expressing our feelings, but those messages can get lost in the flood of daily communication we send and receive. That's why a French company at CES launched the Lovebox. [...]


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