April showers bring May flowers

Goodbye March, and hello April filled with promises! And who says April, means the end of short days and beginning of more light! Even if it can still be a little chilly and humid we know that better days are slowly but surely coming our way with birds singing and flowers growing. And let's be honest, a new month means new stories, adventures and sharing with you a lot of new exciting things. Are you ready for this new edition? Let's go!

Just a couple of hours after sending out our first newsletter, we were surprised (but soooo happy) to receive plenty of messages from some of you, our LoveReaders in which you shared some of your stories. From the bottom of our hearts, the Loveteam wanted to thank you ❤

Based on all the wonderful testimonies we received (that were all beautiful), we were forced to only select one, so for our second edition of LoveTestimonies we decided to share Molly's story :

"I got this as a Kickstarter for my 96-year-old Grandmother who has some memory issues and doesn't do technology very well, so I wanted to find something that would make her happy, feel part of our family and was extremely easy to use. This has been a great way for everyone to be able to send her short notes and for her to engage with something that reminds her of all the people thinking of her. Plus she figured it out super quickly so now she knows that no matter where we are, she has a piece of our heart; and she sends us hearts back whenever she wants, giving us a lot of joy! " 

Thank you, Molly, for your trust and for sharing a piece of your family's intimacy with us. Those testimonies are the reason we do what we do. If you would like to share your story, don't hesitate to reach out to us by replying to this email. We promise to get back to you with love! 

This month, we decided to tell you a little bit more about our LoveTeam and its members to be more exact. Last time we told you about our social media but this time will be a little different. We will be introducing you to one single member (will be like this every two months), so you can learn a bit more about us.

We decided to introduce you to Zoe, she is the one that hides behind our Facebook page, who responds with care to your daily questions and handles our LoveCommunity every day.

Born and raised in Grenoble, she grew up in this town surrounded by mountains and has not left it yet. Kind hearted person, she is beyond sweet and positive (a true pleasure in our lives). She is also an unbelievable artist and learned how to draw reading comics (her passion). She is also quite speedy as she loves riding her bike all over the town she cherishes and adores. When you don't see her on her two-wheeler she is often seen walking and wondering around Grenoble admiring the beauty of her city.

You might ask, is she really perfect? Well, we demanded an answer! Zoe told us that one of her vices is "I would say I'm too much of an eater and I don't work out enough, but what can I do I'm not perfect! "

You now know a bit more about our beautiful Zoe, see you in two months for a new surprise presentation!

You know that at Lovebox we huge fans of anything that has to do with happiness and positive psychology. Not only because that's what we are all running behind but because in order to find happiness, you have to be in a positive state of mind. So yes, we know it's not that easy that's why we want to help you a little bit! 

We started searching everywhere, in books, online, read many articles and testimonies... we really worked hard (very, very, very, very hard)! But we ended up discovering this app called Happify.

What is Happify you may ask? Well, it is a free app (available online as well) design for happiness. Its mission is to make you happier every day by using easy games and workshops.

If you want to learn more about it, check out their website and who they are right here!
Because April symbolizes the beginning of beautiful weather, we decided to share with you a little something about gardening. Obviously, when we say gardening, it doesn't mean we will do it all for you (it would be too long for us to explain all the basics in a newsletter). But we want to share with you a little DIY: A LoveAvocado!

All you need to make you own LoveAvocado is:

 A small pot of water
3 toothpicks
1 avocado pit
Lots of love
Some light and lots of patience

Once you have everything you need, follow the instructions:
That's it for April, we will be back shortly with more stories, new ideas and of course a lot of love!
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