5 ways to get ready for back to school

Happy August!

We hope you are enjoying your summer under the warm sun no matter where you are!
As we dive deeper into the summer we also get closer to back to school season.For college students, this means slowly preparing ourselves to get back into school mode. For parents, this means preparing to let the little ones fly.

Here at Lovebox, we understand what it means to prepare for long distance relationships, especially when it comes to back to school. So whether you are sending your kid off to school for the first time or you are getting ready to send them off for there last year, here are 5 ways to get ready that we'd like to share with you (we’ve even got a special something for you at the bottom of the post 😉)

Teach them how to…

After all these years under your wings, it's time to teach your kid how to do EVERYTHING you do for them. Make sure that before you send them off you teach them how to do laundry, iron, eat a balanced meal, go to the bank etc. Teach them all the little ins and outs and pass on your words of wisdom. They will probably forget and call you in a couple weeks time for a refresher but they will definitely thank you later.

Pack up together

As much as they will soon be on there own they might still not know what is best for them. So give them a little helping hand as they pack. Make sure they have all the bases covered, bedding, bathroom and school supplies etc.

Make Memories

Spending time together and making memories to remember is priceless. Make sure to take the time to spend quality time with them, go on a hike, have a picnic or go on a family vacation. Don't forget to take lots of pictures so that both of you can let those good memories warm your heart when you are far away.

Extra love

Although you might not feel it now, in a couple weeks when you are far apart there will be those times when you will miss each other a little bit extra. So during the time that you have together make sure that you spend some time making sure they know how much you love them. You will both need it.

Gift the perfect Gift

Remember that they are about to embark on a new journey of freedom. Get them a little something that will make them think of you and show that you support them every day in their new adventure.


It’s important to create an open line of communication between you and your child. Make sure that they know that no matter the distance they can always call you for your support and advice. College can be hard sometimes, making new friends, discovering a new place, exploring new interests and finding themselves etc and parental advice is always helpful.

Talking about that, we prepared a little thing for you. Let Lovebox help make your transition a little bit easier and gift a Lovebox to your child to make sure you can both feel the love, even when you are far away.
Enjoy our “back to school” promotion and get a free Precious Heart on your next order thank to the BACKTOSCHOOL code.

Enjoy every moment,
The LoveTeam

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