Hello the LoveCommunity,

You probably guessed it, but at Lovebox we love writing you to tell you about our recent adventures, and it seems you enjoy it as well. We decided that it would be interesting to change our newsletter a bit so we would share testimonies from our Lovecommunity, some tutorials, videos and plenty of other ideas. Ready for our first edition? Let's go!


Originally Lovebox was created for lovers that live far apart, Jean our wonderful founder invented this box for his fiance Melodie before moving abroad for a couple of months.

Shortly but surely, Lovebox started to be used by many different people in many different ways: Couples are no longer our only costumers but we now have families, friends, companies and even hotels that use our beautiful creation to communicate with one another in a positive manner (we will tell you more about this a little later). Therefore, we wanted to share some of the stories that you were kind enough to tell us.

Our first testimony comes from a mother, Charlotte and her 6-year-old daughter Margot:

"With my husband, we got Margot a Lovebox for Christmas and she loved her gift. We even almost ruined the Christmas magic because I said I had contacted the Loveteam and Margot was snooping around, she heard me and immediately said "But didn't Santa create my box?!"...Oops!

With my partner we have a business that makes me work a ton, therefore I'm often working late and I can't put my kids to bed or read them a story before they fall asleep. Since we got our Lovebox, I can tell Margot I love her each night before she falls asleep. I also use our Lovebox to tell her to get in the shower, do her homework and to remind her dad not to forget to take her to the doctor's office. Each time she gets a message, she sends me hearts back!! She was so excited when your new stickers appeared! She asked me how I did it, I took the credit for this one and told her "Mommy is a magician!"

Big thanks to Charlotte and Margot for letting us share their beautiful story. 

We are already planning for our next newsletter and would love to hear all the different ways Lovebox is used. Don't hesitate to write us by responding to this email so we can continue to spread the love!


This month we had a lot going on at Lovebox, and we are so happy to be sharing all our new adventures here with you.

To start we moved into a new office, a sort of roommate situation between startups (we are only two companies for now, but we are expecting a new roomie in April)! It took us two days to move and we are so happy it was done with a happy spirit and teamwork, as always at Lovebox. Our whole Loveteam fell head over heels for our new offices (even if we still need to finish up painting the walls), located near downtown of Grenoble, we have space, light, and we put a lot of love decorating!

A week after moving, we welcomed Taieb and Marhold our new developers' intern. To be honest, we were really impatient to have them join our team! Mostly Jordan, our master developer was starting to feel a bit overwhelmed. We are so happy our team is growing and those new additions will help create more surprises so, stay tuned!

Another new wonderful member of our team is Alix who arrived in Grenoble from San Francisco in order to meet the whole Loveteam, and between us, it was love at first sight. Alix will officially start with us in May and will be our first Loveteam member based in the US!








At Lovebox, we know how crazy life can get but this month we want to share a 10 minutes long guided meditation video so all of you can take a minute to disconnect! Sounds selfish, but self-care is the most important act you can do for you. We hope you enjoy it!

At Lovebox, we love sharing happiness whenever we can. We decided that once a month we would share something with you guys that would put a smile of your face. To end March, our lovey Maeva wanted to share a lovely recipe with you : The Carott LoveCake (perfect for gloomy days)!

The LoveIngredients list:

 300g of gratted carrots
❤ 250g of crushed almonds
❤ 4eggs (ideally organic so we know where they come from)  
 200g of sugar
 60g of flour
❤ 1 tbs of baking soda
 1pinsh of salt and some butter for the cake pan
 Bonus : my secret ingrieient, some lemon juice (trust me it's delicious)

A few more minutes of preparation and that's it:

1. Preheat your oven to 180°C.
2. Peel and grate your carrotes so they weigh 300g
3. Mix the sugar, egg yolks, lemon juice, the grated almonds, flower, salt and baking soda. Proparly mix after each ingredient.
4. Beat your egg whites and incorporate it into the rest
5. Butter your pan and add a little flower, put in the mixture and cook for 40 to 50 minutes (depending of the oven)
6. When the cake is cooked, let it sit until cool.
7. Sprinkle with icing sugar

You can now enjoy a piece of cake (with moderation) with a cup of tea and some friends!


That's it for March, we will be back shortly with more stories, new ideas and of course a lot of love!

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